FAQs and Planning your wedding

At Grace Bridal Boutique we can offer help and advice throughout the stages of purchasing your perfect dress, and planning even the smallest details of your special day.

I would be happy to help you to choose complementary colour schemes, floral arrangements to suit your wedding, and provide you with tips and ideas to create some wedding necessities yourself. Whether you want a chic, glamorous celebration of your love, or a rustic, vintage gathering to share with family and friends, I look forward to helping you at every step of the way.

Please read through some of the answers to our frequently asked questions below; if there is anything that we haven’t been able to answer or if there is something that you still want to know please contact us or pop in to see us at the boutique.

Do I need an appointment to try on dresses?

Yes and No. At Grace Bridal, we recommend that you pre-book an appointment, so that you can be guaranteed to have as much time as you need to find your gown, and so that our bridal specialists can give you their full attention and advice. However, we are more than happy to accommodate you if we are not busy or we can provide you with tea or coffee, whilst you wait. We are flexible and happy to help you whenever and however we can.

How early should I buy my dress?

Most designers will recommend 4 months and sometimes up to 6 months to produce your gown, and you must also ensure that you allow time for the alteration process to take place. So, we recommend that you order your gown no later that 9 months before your wedding. However, some brides order their gown 12-18 months before their wedding, so that they have time to build the wedding around their dress’s style, and have peace of mind that this very special part of the wedding is complete.

What happens if I do order my gown 12 or more months before my wedding?

There are two options here. Firstly, you can have the gown made by the designer in the normal time period and when it arrives you can either take it home to store it somewhere in secret or we can store the gown for you at the boutique. Alternatively, you can ask for a delayed production, so that your gown isn’t produced until closer to your wedding date.

What can I expect from my appointment?

An appointment will last between 1 hour and 1 hour and a half, depending on your needs. You can browse the rails independently to choose styles that you like or the bridal assistant can help to suggest gowns that match your style and shape. The bridal assistant will then help you to get into the gowns and feel comfortable. You will be asked to undress to what is comfortable for you, but down to your underwear is best so that an accurate fit can be achieved. Our dresses come in a range of sizes, so some will fit perfectly and others may not be as comfortable, but do not worry small or big fitting dresses are nothing to be embarrassed about, and we will do our best to make you feel comfortable. We will also offer you a range of accessories to try on, in order to complete or compliment the style that you want to achieve.

Do I need to wear any special underwear or shoes to try on dresses?

We recommend that you wear white or skin toned underwear, but this is not essential, and do not feel embarrassed if you have forgotten. A strapless bra with your usual amount of padding and support is best, so that you can get a better impression of how the dresses will look. However, you can remove your bra whilst changing if you find this more comfortable. We do have a step for you to stand on so that can see how the dresses would look with heels on, but if you do have a pair that you are comfortable with and have a heel height that you may wear on your wedding day then do bring them along. You will need your wedding shoes and underwear when you come for your first alterations fitting.

What size gown should I try and order?

The sizing chart for bridal gowns is very different to normal clothing sizes, so the size number is not as important as your body measurements. Don’t be shocked if your dress needs to be ordered in a size bigger than your normal clothes, as bridal sizes follow their own charts and measurements. Also, don’t just follow the way that the sample gown feels, as the fabric has possibly stretched due to being tried on regularly. Your bridal assistant will recommend a size based on the measurement chart.

Are dress alterations included in the price of my gown?

Your dress alterations are an additional cost on top of the purchase price. We work with local seamstresses, who offer excellent quality alterations at affordable prices, but please don’t hesitate to discuss this during the purchase of your gown.

What is the price range of your gowns?

We offer gowns to suit all budgets, and will always try to help you with payment options where we can. Gowns prices start at approximately £800, but we do offer sample gowns at sale prices that are lower than this.

I hope that these answers have helped you, but if you have any further questions then don’t hesitate to ask.